Regardless of the economic climate, Telefunding and Telesales efforts enable an organization’s message to be unique to each individual donor or patron. TAYLAR’s role is to partner with your organization to cultivate, develop, and maintain a broad base of donors, members and subscribers. Our Fundraising and Sales Advocates establish a personal relationship with everyone we talk to. Telefunding and Telesales will build a diverse spectrum of supporters and grow the average revenue from each customer over time. Additionally, Telefunding can find the needle in the haystack that could become your next major donor.

Finding and cultivating broad-based support and maintaining a healthy subscription base requires a variety of development and marketing tools including direct mail, e-mail, web, volunteer solicitations, and special events for the sustainability of any arts organization. Telefunding and Telesales takes these efforts to another level.

Telefunding and Telesales are more flexible and reach more of your patrons than any other development or marketing activity. These programs can also serve as a public relations tool. TAYLAR will work with your organization to get your message out to the maximum number of patrons in the most personal way: human-to-human contact.

TAYLAR is dedicated exclusively to the advancement of non-profit arts and culture organizations. Our client partnerships across the United States include:

  • Symphony orchestras

  • Opera companies

  • Theatre companies

  • Choral groups

  • Performing arts venues

  • Dance companies

  • United arts funds

  • Museums

  • Aquariums

We believe arts and culture organizations enrich individual lives and the communities in which they reside. We have raised the standard in non-profit fundraising and marketing. TAYLAR has also found distinct similarities across the arts disciplines which we can apply to a successful campaign with any non-profit arts institution.

We understand that your organization has unique donors and patrons and should be handled by unique Advocates who dedicate their work to the arts and culture.

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