Working for arts and culture organizations requires passion and a sense of pride in what you do and who you work for.

TAYLAR’s staff consists entirely of permanent professional fundraisers and sales Advocates – of which 40% are full-time. Our average Advocate brings over 1,800 hours of experience in fundraising and/or sales with performing arts donors and patrons. Our average Advocate tenure is over 18 months. We understand the unique demographic of an arts patron, which is consistent across the diverse geographic regions in which our clients reside.

Our new Advocates complete a 50-hour training course. All Advocates must develop a series of effective presentations combining our best practices with their own personalities and style. Our professional, atmosphere encourages continued arts and organizational expertise and innovation in the most seasoned professionals. TAYLAR has set a standard where our Advocates can expand their knowledge of arts and culture to deliver a passionate message.

Leadership Team

We have a skilled leadership team that includes the following:


Paul LarsoN - President

In what year did you start with TAYLAR? 2004

What is the memory of your first arts event? My FIRST arts event was likely the Christmas pageant/story at church when I was probably in Kindergarten (I'm pretty sure we got to sing). My first professional production was Phantom of the Opera in Minneapolis, while I was involved in chamber choir and theater in high school. 

What is your favorite drink? Turkish black tea (hot or iced). Beyond that, scotch, neat.

What is your favorite TAYLAR memory? SO many memories it is hard to name just one. I have two: I was brought to tears watching a group of special needs children participate in a theater workshop at one of our client sites. The level of engagement, happiness, and participation was overwhelming. The second is more general but I get the same type of memory whenever I see a "spark" in one of our Associates. That moment when they truly "get it" or have found their own personal drive is exhilarating.

What you wish more people knew about your work/TAYLAR? The work we do is really, really hard. The folks who do it are so incredibly intertwined with the organizations they represent; that makes me proud. The work we do DOES still work and it isn't "old school"/dying. The art of personal, consultative sales adds enormous value for our clients and the donors and patrons we talk to. The revenue we generate would not come in otherwise (or it might - just not nearly as much).

What do you like to do outside TAYLAR? I swim laps every day and ride my bike as often as I can. I spend a lot of time with my dog, Ivan, and travel as often as I can (inside the US to wherever our clients are, and outside the US to experience as much of the world as possible; I'm continually struck with wanderlust. When I'm home, I try to cook (some times successfully, others, well...)

kyle steigherwald.png

Kyle Steigerwald - Staffing & Operations Manager

In what year did you start with TAYLAR? 2008

What is the memory of your first arts event? Seeing the children's opera of Hansel and Gretel at the Detroit Opera with my Nana.  The German singing children were indecipherable but engaging.  We made gingerbread houses afterwards and that was pretty sweet. 

What is your favorite drink? Coffee, water or Bell's Two Hearted Ale and I'm happy.  The best single drink I ever had was fresh sea buckthorn juice in the Himalayan Mountains.

What is your favorite TAYLAR memory? Every opportunity I have have to see our clients preform has been amazing, probably the most memorable was the chance to meet Jeffery Kahane and Emanuel Axe back stage at the Colorado Symphony.

What you wish more people knew about your work/TAYLAR? My goals are not just related to campaign and company success; I am very passionate about helping our employees become better sales people and more self-actualized individuals though their work and success with TAYLAR.  I think that TAYLAR helps individuals become stronger people and I'm very proud of that.

What do you like to do outside TAYLAR? I'll try anything twice, I always say - so new experiences are a big one.  I love to travel and explore, tell jokes, get outdoors, play guitar, and go on bike rides with my family.  I also really enjoy live music and attending all forms of performing arts. 

Avery Shelton - Campaign Manager

In what year did you start with TAYLAR? 2013

What is the memory of your first arts event? I can remember Fiddler on the Roof VERY early on. Perhaps I was 7 or 8, and what stuck to me the most was the music! I'd already caught the music bug a year or two prior (I watched Michael Jackson perform on a Motown 25th Anniversary special,) and Fiddler was just so different and hypnotic to my young ears. I've been an "arts" person since.

What is your favorite drink? Anything for adults. There is, of course, a proper lemonade. Balancing sweet, tart, and pulp is an art form.

What is your favorite TAYLAR memory? There are actually two. Both are in my first year with TAYLAR:

1. When the company reaches certain benchmarks, Paul buys dinner for the office on the following Monday. After about 4 or 5 of my first Mondays, I'm in the office anticipating dinner to arrive at 5 PM. No dinner comes and I'm incredulous. "What happened to dinner?" I ask a co-worker."We missed company goal last week," he tells me. Here I am all along thinking that Monday dinner was an automatic perk! Needless to say, we do well enough here, to make a newbie think they can skip planning dinner on Mondays! It's such a classic memory to me.

The other is my first company party. I'll just leave it at that.

What you wish more people knew about your work/TAYLAR? That there are great advantages to working with a small, agile, and IMPACTFUL company. One advantage is having the clear and absolute knowledge that your firm is a real player in the industry. Our footprint may be smaller, but we're better than the competition. Seriously.

What do you like to do outside TAYLAR? My city is the next big thing; I'm born and raised here and all of the new development has me exploring like a tourist! Milwaukee is the new best kept secret! Come visit!

Rebecca Karr - Data Standards Manager

In what year did you start with TAYLAR? 2010

What is the memory of your first arts event? I'm not sure what my first event was; i could have been the Christmas Carol or the Nutcracker but none had the impact as one of my favorite books growing up as a kid, The Velveteen Rabbit. My mother took me to the play and I loved it.

What is your favorite drink? Besides unsweetened iced tea, I love a good Old Fashion (born and raised in Wisco) but I will never pass up a Coors Light.

What is your favorite TAYLAR memory? It was during a time of transition where I had to step up and take over a few extra rol. During one of our office meetings/parties I was awarded with a big bottle of glue. Sounds super weird cause it was until they told me what it represented. That I was the glue that held things together and made it possible for the office to keep moving forward. It made me feel proud and excite to know that my hard work and dedication to the company didn't go unnoticed.

What you wish more people knew about your work/TAYLAR? I get to work from home! Even though we are a small company we have the technological advancements where everything that we do is online. It's great to have the flexibility to work anywhere at anytime. No matter if I am in the US or overseas. 

What do you like to do outside TAYLAR? When my boyfriend, Ryan and I are not taking care of our home or dog, Bodhi, we are taking adventures either around WI or around the world. But mostly we spend our weekends with family and friends, checking out live music, playing vids or having parties in our basement. We have such a small tight knit group of friends that we spend as much time as possible with. I wouldn't give them up for the world.


Warren Scarboro - Campaign Manager

In what year did you start with TAYLAR? 2018

What is the memory of your first arts event? When I was a kid I lived in Rome for three years. I loved singing and we befriended a professional opera singer from Teatro Roma. I saw a full scale production of Verdi's monumental opera Aida at Terme di Caracalla in which she was performing. It was on a massive scale and I was enthralled. The grand March with all of the soldiers, elephants, and camels was spellbinding.

What is your favorite drink? Italian Blood Orange soda and maybe also a nice Espresso.

What is your favorite TAYLAR memory? One of my favorite memories is sad, but with a happy ending. As a manager I often like to get on the phone and talk to patrons. I remember that I called a patron when I was managing  a subscription campaign, and she said that she love the symphony but could not subscribe because she had been diagnosed with brain cancer and that she most likely would not be there by the time the season opened. I encouraged her to consider the fight and know that music can be a healing force. She signed up for the season and called me after her first two concerts to say  that she had the brain surgery. She said, "I told myself that I had to be at the symphony for the concerts." She said it gave her something to look forward to. 

What you wish more people knew about your work/TAYLAR? I wish more people knew about is how important the work we do is. How it impacts the the community, how it touches lives, and how it is a force for good. hat we do helps nsure the survival of the arts. For me it is a mission.

What do you like to do outside TAYLAR? I am passionate about the symphony and the opera. I am a big film buff, and also like exploring new restaurants, different cuisines and museums. I guess I am a bit of a Renaissance man.


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