TAYLAR’s Relationship Manager Campaigns take our proprietary patron scoring model, applies it to your database, and focuses our efforts on the fundraising and marketing methods that work best for your patrons. TAYLAR has developed a scoring process to determine engagement and capacity within your database. We will further segment possible prospects for major giving and determine the most effective plan to connect with each segment of your patron base.

  • We will develop relationship based messaging and timing for each lead group. TAYLAR has the ability to customize messaging based on lead types, giving & buying histories, and geographic area within your database. Ask levels will be also customized based on donor and patron histories.

  • TAYLAR has dedicated Advocates designed to handle both the fundraising and marketing activities for your white glove patrons. We take your “major donor” concept a step further and apply personal attention to a broader base of your donors and patrons – resulting in a significant increase in annual giving. Your patrons’ relationships are cultivated by a single dedicated TAYLAR Advocate throughout the season.

  • TAYLAR combines your donors’ giving and buying histories, rather than using the less-effective methodology of focusing solely on giving histories. We will segment lead groups based on a combination of giving and buying histories.

  • The goal of our Relationship Manager Campaign is to identify patrons and donors who will give at a higher level than the average telefunding donor. This method takes a more relationship based approach compared to historically transactional telephone work.

  • We develop an annual contact plan for your Relationship Manager patrons, and plan all contacts out to avoid patron fatigue, provide a cohesive experience with your organization, and maximize buying and giving

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