The following questions are used to determine the gross and net revenue realized by a TAYLAR membership campaign.


  • Prospects should be placed in mutually exclusive divisions, i.e., current members should not be placed in any other prospect division such as single visit buyers or donors. The profile is shown in a hierarchical order, meaning that if a prospect appears in a category higher in the profile, it should not also appear in a category lower in the profile.
  • Household quantities should be given (e.g. if a single household purchased 4 single visit passes, that household should only be counted once).
  • Please ONLY include members, donors or patrons you would send to a telefunding campaign. Please exclude all major gifts, staff/board, or others that would not be solicited via telefunding

TAYLAR revenue and cost projections are based on the following responses and are subject to change should the quantity of any lead group be greater than or less than what is indicated below. TAYLAR will revise its projections based on the actual number and type of leads that are received.