Membership Campaigns

For membership based organizations, TAYLAR can jump-start your membership plans with these campaigns:

  • Renewal and lapsed membership recovery

  • New member acquisition

  • Current member upgrade

  • Current member to donor fundraising

TAYLAR can coordinate membership renewal/acquisition with a fundraising strategy to expand the participation of your membership base.

Lead matrixing and campaign plans

We will develop a timeline and lead matrix to coordinate your direct mail, telefunding and subscriptions telesales efforts to ensure all work together to avoid overlap, maximize your revenue and reduce your costs. TAYLAR will ensure complete lead pool penetration and the ability to conduct multiple appeal strategies during the campaign.

Thank-you campaigns

TAYLAR recommends thank-you campaigns to focus on a donor-centered fundraising strategy. A thank-you campaign is coupled with an existing fundraising or marketing campaign to build upon our relationship strategy. Donors and patrons who receive thank-you calls between their purchases are much more likely to renew their gift and/or seats, and are likely to increase giving to your organization substantially. Thank-you campaigns are part of a relationship strategy that has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Phone appending services

TAYLAR provides phone correction services at no additional charge on leads that came to TAYLAR with an existing phone number. We can also append phone numbers on portions of your database that do not have phone numbers.

Caller ID

Your customers want to know who is calling. TAYLAR’s outbound calling on your behalf will come from a caller ID connected to your organization, not ours. When your patron answers their phone, they will see your organizations phone number and name appear on their caller ID, seamlessly connecting your telephone campaign with your organization.

TAYLAR is an entirely paperless operation for our Fundraising and Sales Advocates. The only paper used in our office is for paper donor invoices, when e-mail invoices are not preferred by the donor.

TAYLAR designed and built our own front & back-end user interface, database and reporting system. Learn more about Kaos here (some sort of link to the Kaos section)

  • All information provided by your organization’s database is available electronically to our Advocates at the time they are on the phone with a potential donor or patron. This includes all giving and patron histories.

  • Customized training materials and links for your organization are available next to the potential donor’s record during the call.

  • Targeted ask levels and messaging based on custom segmentation provide specific direction to the Advocate at the time of the call.

  • Database updates and removals as provided by your organization are updated immediately in the call rooms.

Please contact us for information on a potential campaign with TAYLAR. Should your organization and TAYLAR be a good match for a partnership, we will provide for you:

  •     Revenue and performance for your campaign
  •     Pricing and cost structure
  •     Campaign structure and timing

If you have questions or would like to discuss your campaigns, please contact Paul Larson at 312-757-5934 or