Telesales is the most effective way to connect a patron with the right subscription package to your new season. Our consultative sales approach will maximize order size and bring in the largest volume of new subscribers.


TAYLAR will also consult in the development of patron packages and marketing plans to maximize your sales. We will coordinate our Subscription Telesales Campaigns with your direct mail to put forth a cohesive sales effort. Your Telesales Campaign will be balanced with your Telefunding Campaigns to avoid patron fatigue


TAYLAR’s Subscription Telesales Campaigns include:

  • Renewing current subscribers: Working with your direct mail and e-mail campaigns, TAYLAR will renew current subscribers, with an effort placed on upgrading partial package subscribers to increase their engagement with your organization over time.

  • Re-engaging lapsed subscribers: Subscribers may lapse for many reasons: artistic, financial, or simply because they weren’t compelled to buy again. We will represent your season and package options to find a combination that works to bring them back.

  • Single ticket buyer and prospect acquisition: TAYLAR will transition your single-performance buyer into a multi-performance subscription patron.


  • Each targeted lead group will have special messaging developed to maximize the result of the group, including: Renewal Subscribers, Lapsed Subscribers, Single Ticket Buyer Acquisition, List Trade Prospects, and more.

  • TAYLAR has the ability to customize messaging based on lead types, patron histories, and geographic areas within your database.

Please contact us for information on a potential campaign with TAYLAR. Should your organization and TAYLAR be a good match for a partnership, we will provide for you:

  •     Revenue and performance for your campaign
  •     Pricing and cost structure
  •     Campaign structure and timing

If you have questions or would like to discuss your campaigns, please contact Paul Larson at 312-757-5934 or




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