Prefer to run your teleservices campaigns in-house?


TAYLAR can provide cloud-based software to ensure your in-house telefunding and/or telesales campaigns are run efficiently.

  • Our web-based teleservices caller platform to eliminate your paper-based campaigns. This turnkey application includes our Kaos web application, lead management, and integrated VOIP (voice over internet phone) with call recording for coaching/training. Our system includes progressive dialing (not predictive dialing) to help promote lead pool penetration and focus your fundraisers and sales folks' efforts where they will have the most impact. Additionally, Kaos can be configured to integrate with your database or as a standalone user interface for in-house telefunding & telesales campaigns.

  • Kaos includes back-end campaign reporting which includes daily activity/sales reports, weekly and campaign cumulative performance reports, and caller performance reports to aid in coaching. Additionally, reporting to monitor and manage lead pool activity is included.

  • As desired, setup and training of your in-house telefunding and/or telesales campaigns.  This includes preparation and sessions for your in-house telefunding, telesales, and box office teams. We can build custom sessions focusing on specific impact areas to improve your in-house call center results. TAYLAR can also help evaluate the performance of your annual fundraising and marketing campaign plans.


Advanced Campaign Management  

Create multi-level campaigns and stages for any type of calling campaign, be it telefunding, telemarketing, fundraising or anything that requires agents to make lots of calls and perform actions based on those calls. You have complete control of which agents service which campaign stages and at what times leads can be called.


Powerful Supervisor / Agent Dashboards  

Supervisors and agents can track any aspect of a current campaign using our dashboards to highlight trends, identify whether you are on target to meet set goals and using key KPI’s enabling you to make more informed business decisions.


Workforce Management/Optimization

Manage agent skills so you can put the most appropriate agents on campaigns, fully manage payroll and determine how you utilize your workforce to maximize your campaign productivity.


Integrated Cloud Phone Service

With calling features built into the platform, all you need is an internet connection. Agents can work for any location, no costly bills for installing and maintaining your own phone system and no long periods of downtime causing a serious loss of revenue.


Flexible Disposition Screens

Agents can wrap-up calls using a number of pre-defined disposition screens. Whether they need to take payment information, schedule a callback or take information pertinent to your campaign, Kaos has you covered.


Advanced Workflow Engine

Leads can be transitioned around campaign stages automatically to allow you to service them better. You might wish to transition a lead who has donated into a thank you campaign or place an annual subscription buyer into a renewal campaign in 10 months time. This can all be done seamlessly and automatically.


Reporting metrics and analytics

A large suite of reports to help you measure every aspect of your campaigns. If we don’t have a report that provides exactly what you are looking for you can use our comprehensive report builder to get at the metrics you need. With exports to popular formats like CSV and report scheduling capabilities, Kaos has all your reporting needs covered.


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