Atlanta, GA

Over $6.5 million generated for 5 leading performing arts organizations. Over 45% of fundraising dollars coming from patrons who had never made a charitable gift to the organizations. Increased telefunding average gift size by over 25% and renewal donor increases average in excess of 26% from year-to-year.


Austin, TX

Our work has been highly recommended by a prominent theatre organization in Austin. Their recommendation is available on TAYLAR’s Facebook page. Please join us there to follow our most current updates.


Boston, MA

A highly successful first year campaign for a Boston performing arts group resulted in over 500 individual donors with an average gift size of $148. A special major donor follow-up effort helped the organization reach more donors before the end of their fiscal year than ever before, with anecdotal feedback that provided invaluable insight into the donor's’ thought process.


Charleston, WV

TAYLAR started from scratch and worked over 5 years developing a new Telefunding Campaign for the city’s largest performing arts organization. We brought in over 600 donors under $1000 with an average gift size of $142, where this segment did not previously exist.


Chicago, IL

TAYLAR’s “Second City”: home to our growing administrative and fundraising and sales office. It is also a community where we increased the annual telefunding revenue of one of the city’s prominent museums by over 45% from its prior vendor. Our experienced Chicago arts Advocates include folks who have fundraised and sold for Chicago’s top performing arts organizations prior to coming to TAYLAR. TAYLAR represents two prominent arts and culture organizations in Chicago for their annual fund, membership, and capital campaigns.


Dallas, TX

Over $7.2 million generated for 3 local arts organizations. Conduct thank-you campaigns annually which result in donors increasing their giving more than 33% over prior years. Across 3 organizations, average acquisition (first time donor) gift size of over $145 per donor.


Denver, CO

Increased annual telefunding revenue in the first year for the city’s leading performing arts organization by 188% over the prior campaign. Since then, achieved another 15% increase in the second year. Increased acquisition average gift size by over 15% in 2 years.


Hampton Roads, VA

Over 6 years of consistent campaigns with a regional performing arts organization resulted in over 40% acquisition (first time donors) each year. Renewing donors average over a 15% increase in giving from year-to-year. TAYLAR also conducted a special capital campaign for this same organization, resulting in an average donor size of over $500.


Hartford, CT

Our work over 10 years with two of the city’s most prominent performing arts organizations resulted in a 280% increase in revenue within the first year of TAYLAR’s campaign, and annually over 50% of all dollars come from first time donors. In the last three years, the campaigns have collectively increased by over 20% each year.


Indianapolis, IN

For a major performing arts organization in the city, we exceeded original campaign projections by over 9%, with donor increases of over 74% year to year. Campaign growth of 14%+ each year


Milwaukee, WI

TAYLAR’s hometown since 1993. Our longest client relationship includes a prominent community united arts fund. We are proud to be part of Milwaukee’s vibrant performing arts community.


Nashville, TN

TAYLAR began working in Nashville in 2001. One returning client (after managing their campaign in-house for 6 years), realized double digit gains when returning to TAYLAR


New York, NY & Newark NJ

A special emergency campaign for a small performing arts organization resulted in response rates from first time donors of over 23% and an average acquisition (first time donor) gift size of $112. We’ve also reduced costs and increased revenues for a regional symphony orchestra in the metro area.


Phoenix, AZ

One of the two performing arts organizations in the city that we partner with realized a nearly five-fold increase in subscription telesales campaign revenue in their first year with TAYLAR.


Pittsburgh, PA

Our prominent theatre client partner realized a 109% increase in their first year’s telefunding revenues with TAYLAR over their prior vendor. Since then, we grew the campaign by an additional 69%.


Wilmington, DE

Within 2 years, TAYLAR quadrupled the donor counts and dollars from individual donors for a local theatre company.